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Maranat Mana

Maranat Mana is a traditional household lived in by Kerala Brahmins, known as a Namboothiri Illam. Also known as Mana or Brahmaalayam, such households are built according to Vaasthusaasthram , principle which deals with the architecture of building in harmony with nature. Maranat Mana is one of the last imposing structures with “pathinaru kettu”(4 courtyards)built in the traditional Kerala architecture. Staying here gives a unique feel that is completely authentic to Kerala.

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  • At Maranat Mana, you find accommodation in the renovated “Pathayapura”, which is a three storeyed building that can accommodate up to 6 persons in 3 furnished bedrooms. The guests who come here enjoy the traditional Kerala cuisine. But compulsive non vegetarians will be disappointed as they allow only vegetarian food. A holiday at Maranat Mana is also a good time to reconnect with yourself. So we recommend you to attend the yoga classes and indulge in an Ayurvedic massage. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed at the end of it all.

    Your stay at Maranat Mana need not be all leisure and no fun. You can take some sight seeing trips, watch traditional art forms or tour through their rubber plantations and spice gardens. Something else that interests the guests is a visit to the Sarpakavu (snake sanctuary) which is spread over 2 acres. Sarpakavu is a small forest which has idols of snake gods. As part of the ritual of snake worship practiced by Keralites, Sarpakavu is maintained to place the idols of Snake Gods.

    Though Maranat Mana is a traditional set up , care has been taken to ensure that you stay in touch with the outside world. Internet connection and international telephone dialing and doctor on call facilities are available to make your stay more comfortable.

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    Distance to Airport

  • 60 Km
  • Nearest Railway Station

  • Manjeri
  • Distance to Railway Station

    18 km
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