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Poomully Mana

Traditional Ayurvedic Manna in central kerala

Ayurveda and Kalari treatments were practiced here since time immemorial and many celebrities from all over the world have availed of this facility. Poomully Mana's Ayurveda treatment is carried out in a unique and authentic ‘Poomully style’.

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  • Poomully mana, which traces its origin to over 500 years has been one of the richest and powerful namboothiri families in Kerala. Pamper your body and mind with the natural goodness of ayurveda in its regal settings that flaunt a typical Kerala architectural style deep rooted in ‘vaasthu’.

    Poomully Mana in Palakkad is a well known Ayurveda Centre in Kerala. Poomully Mana was considered to be one of the richest and powerful namboothiri families in Kerala. Poomully Mana’s members were famous for practicing Ayurveda, Kalari, Yoga and other performing Arts. Legendaries from all over the world have visited Poomully Mana and have undergone training here in different art and cultural forms.

    The old Mana still carries its traditional value systems in its approach to Ayurvedic Treatments which were selflessly promoted and offered to society by the Aram Thamburan (Sixth Ruler.1921-1997).

    At Poomully Mana you can consult with the senior doctor, Dr. Devan Namboothiri (Tuesday and Friday) for Ayurvedic Massage and treatment. All the traditional Ayurvedic treatments are carried out in the special “Poomully way” which follows the texts and documents written by the ancient sages. These specialized treatments include treatment for stress relief, spondylitis, arthritis, slip disc & chronic low back pain, bronchial diseases, cancer of breast and uterus, Diabetes, E.N.T. Diseases, Epilepsy, Facial paralysis, Migraine, Neurological complaints, Obesity, Psoriasis &other skin problems, Gastric and liver problems etc. Exclusive treatments are offered for Infertility and sports Injuries such as Tennis elbow, Sprains. Beauty therapy...etc.

    The Poomully Mana offers special workshops and training programmes in classical art forms, martial arts,Panchakarma, Yoga and meditation. These programs are customized to give the participants an orientation on these subjects. Experienced and qualified teachers and trainer’s services are utilized for the maximum perfection. These masters give training as well as perform with the real costumes as they do in the stage. They also make the participant to perform the art forms with costumes along with the masters to feel when they perform on the stage. Yoga, the practice of Asanas should ideally be followed by the Pranayama (Pranayama is Yogic breathing where by the diaphragm rather than the upper chest wall, is moving).

    Spend leisure time in Pomully Mana with elephants (Washing feeding, riding etc). Watch performing Kalaripayattu (A Martial Art Form of Kerala), visit the palace’s temple. Hear the history of the palace. You can trace the ancient manuscripts and classics at well loaded centuries old library and Museums. Take a walk along the traditional old villages, where modernity has not still reached. Study the traditional Kerala architect (Vasthushilpa). The Poomully Mana is famous for its Kerala Style of Architectural Design. For centuries Poomully Mana’s name and fame continues, and it has contributed in its own way in preserving and nurturing the tremendous and rich heritage which is unique to Kerala.

    There are 12 beautifully furnished spacious bed rooms with attached bathrooms and toilets.
    Some of the classical features of Heritage rooms are:
    * Each room is named with auspicious flowers and jewels.
    * Furnished with antiques. The roof is paneled with wooden pallets to maintain the temperature.
    * Colonial ethnic flooring with large windows for better air circulation.
    * Classical paintings which depicts the Kerala's culture, art forms and festivals.
    * Each room is equipped with telephones and internet
    * 24 hours hot water in all rooms
    * Natural organic water for the toilets.
    * All the rooms are decorated and furnished keeping in view to depict the ecstasies of the past, giving the guest a feel of the royal living

    KarmaKerala Review of Poomully Mana

    A very austere and traditional approach to ayurveda that when combined with such a beautiful surrounding is an ideal location for treatment and meditation. The temple next door reinforces the sense of tradition and age old practices.

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