Stuart Henshall writes a very effective piece on his blog about marketing small properties using a blog and all the benefits of such an approach after staying at Windermere Estate in Munnar, Kerala.

I am not sure I agree with everything but I do agree with the central tenet of the argument: love and look after your website and maintain it like a pet not as a brochure.

Why a pet?
Pets need feeding everyday, they need love and attention, they need thought and they need visits the vet and brushing down. Your website needs all the same: a daily dose of content, thoughtful consideration and a brush down every so often.

Why Not a Blog?
Blogs are stochastic and free-form. Who knows where they lead. Businesses are not, they have goals. Your website needs some structure and you need to keep with it. Your website has some work to do.

Call it a working pet. You love it and enjoy it, but also you need it to do its job like a carthorse. In the case of the site: does it show off the property, does it bring in visitors, does it illustrate your difference and distinctiveness.

As Stuart Henshall points out to the Windermere owner, there are constant narratives and changing subjects to fill the pages of a website and over.

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