Enjoy a timely treat in Kerala

Kerala has many unique characters in its vast abode many of which are widely reflected in its society. You can find lots of peculiarities here, from its lifestyle to traditions all these features makes Kerala one of the impressive states in India. And one of the facets of this incredible land is its food culture.


This gourmet’s paradise flaunts a wide choice of cuisines, from traditional Keralian delights to exotic seafood’s. The land of spices blends a unique aroma and taste to its countless preparations tantalising your taste buds. With so much tourist influx this God’s Own Country has designed itself in a way that every guest does have lots of options to look for.


But when the matter of talk is about Kerala food how can one leave behind the series of restaurants, tea shops and local thattu kada(mobile restaurants) dotted along the busy lanes and rough terrains of the villages. These food zones or eateries are some of the most hot spots for any foodie. Here you can get a whole lot of stuffs to relish on starting from crispy dosa’s to full course traditional Kerala meal served in banana leaf.


But hey, you may find these places a bit unusual than the other restaurants and food zones you might have been before. Don’t get amazed on seeing the waiter telling you your menu for the time, well before you could even place your order which you have planned to munch on. Well, when you are in Kerala you do need to check out the time before designing your scrumptious menu. Because Kerala restaurants are very punctual about time, so you cannot order a dosa at the time of lunch, or tea at the time of dinner. Here you have to dish out your order as per the schedule of the restaurant.  


So next time before slipping into these eateries do check the time twice ahead you place your lip smacking order.

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