Now, the residents of Kerala will have a reason to complain. The good news is that anyone can call any of the 250 officials of the state Public Works Department (PWD) on their mobile phones to inform them of new pot holes on the roads.

The PWD Minister P.J. Joseph has promised the people of Kerala that the potholes will be filled in less than two days. In order to speed-up the procedures, the minister has distributed new mobile phones to PWD engineers. This new facility is in addition to the recently-functioning toll free number that became operational in 2009 by the end of November. From Nov 23 to Jan 8, the PWD department have received 1,170 calls on the toll free number. The minister has claimed that most of those complaints could be rectified in less than two days and has been done. The PWD department has received total complaints pertaining to pot holes numbering 311, followed by 275 complaints of damaged roads and 114 about bad drainage.

The Minister has assured the public that as soon as a complaint is received it gets registered and in less than two days it would be attended and completed. And once the job is done, the complainant gets a call from the PWD official saying that the job has been done!

Of the 173,592 km of roads in the state, the PWD has under its jurisdiction 29,727 km. The giant share of 122,232 km is under local village councils. Now, let’s imagine the situation of those 250 officials of the state PWD department, once the phone numbers have reached the public. They will have time only to attend the calls from different parts of Kerala state. And, I am sure that the registers will be filled with complaints.

Anyway, let’s awake in the mornings dreaming of travelling on a beautiful Kerala road without any pot holes.

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  1. Dear Sir have a look at Mylapra – Veliyanthi– Kadammanitta Road in Pathanamthitta Dist. Since 8 Yrs their is no maintenance and no politicians is also taking care about it. So please do the needful as early as possible. (Main problem is from Kalloor Junction To Kadammanitta)

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