To ensure the survival of tigers in the wild, the Kerala State and Indian Government should make stringent laws and punishment that would be   deterrent to the wrong doers. Though the recent amendments have provision for as much as 75 lakh fine and 10 years of rigorous imprisonment for killing a tiger, many loop holes in the law still exist! Many countries like Siberia have very strict laws where a person can be jailed for even cutting trees that form part of the habitat of the Siberian Tigers!

Well experienced and armed  forest guards should be employed and the green cover should be enhanced by planting more trees and clearing off the illegal human settlements. Unlike elephants, which travel long distances in search of food and water, tigers do not like to wander long distances. So  a regular food supply needs to be ensured to make sure that the tiger makes it through the lean patch. It is reclusive and solitary and normally like to live near dark and dingy caves and cliffs close to the water bodies.

Ordinary people like you and me can do many things to save this animal. In case you happen to live in the hill stations , amidst plantations or along the periphery of the tiger reserves, chances are that you get a chance to meet eye to eye with this creature. If it is devouring your cattle, it is because his natural food supply chain is cut due to the insensitive human behaviour. If you spot a tiger lurking in your backyard, do not harm it – Be responsible in your actions and inform the matter to the  wild life officials, who will ensure its safe release to its home back in the wild.

We should spread awareness among the local community including schools to make sure that the urgency of the matter gets maximum coverage. If you know any habitual wild life offenders or poachers in your area, bring the matter to the attention of the wild life officials.

A mass conservation drive is the need of the hour where every single effort counts. Like the many drops that make a mighty ocean, our small tasks would  make a quality change in the wild life richness of India that comprises of not just the tigers but all wild animals. Let us join our hands to ensure the survival of these beautiful creations of our ancient land, India well known for it non violence and peace loving credentials.

We at Karmakerala have decided to keep aside a space in our blog to follow the pug marks of this beautiful animal and with every new pug mark in the muddy tracks of the deep jungles, we can be rest assured that India is one step closer to the mission- to save the ultimate predator of the wild- The Great Indian Tiger!

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  1. If I could do at least something to save this beautiful animal! But I live far from there. I have no ideas how to help! My future profession is connected with it. My term paper essay will concern this problem.

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