Kerala is today celebrating ‘Chingam 1’, the beginning of the New Year as per its traditions. A great significance to the farmers, it is actually referred to as Aandu Pirappu and represents activeness, prosperity and harvest after the rains.

Chingam, a season for sports, festivities and ritual celebrations, is believed to have originated on this particular day when Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Vaamana and came to the state of King Mahabali and sent him to the nether world.

Onam the harvest festival of Kerala is celebrated in the month of Chingam which corresponds to the month of August or September. One can find people wearing the traditional attires to schools and offices and also the start of the floral design competition to commemorate the Chingam celebrations leading to the state festival of Kerala – Onam.

Hindus welcome the month of Chingam by going to the temples followed by feasting and celebrations. The first month in the traditional Malayalam calendar- Chinga Masam or Chingam Month is busy with fairs, marriages, feasts and especially shopping for the people.

In Cochin, The Atthachamayam Festival is conducted every year on Atham asterism of the Malayalam month Chingam in remembrance of the renowned victory of the Raja of Kochi. It adds a lot of colour to this city and people are drawn to the culture of this beautiful place during this period.

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  1. The astronomical new year in Kerala is observed in April i.e. Medom. The festival is Vishu which is the Malayalam new year.

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