A blog post dedicated to all feline fans

Gone are the days when almost every Kerala household had cats to add up to the fun factor of their homes. Mostly kept to keep the rodent population of  village homes and the granaries of the massive Kerala home steads under check, cats have outlived their utility in modern homes, I often fear going by the current trend in pet keeping.

There is no space for these furry bundles of joy in modern homes and apartments furnished with plush linen and furnishings. Not many are keen to keep cats as pets as they  fear that their hair and dander might cause breathing problems for humans and also  spoil the carpets and furnishings.  But considering the fact  that there are many popular  dog breeds like Pomeranian that shed more hair  than these minuscule cats, this fact seems to be a bit exaggerated.

Cats are inquisitive, always on the move and playful and the best part is that cats do not have any mood swings unlike other pets and they can very well take care of their needs even if their master is busy with his daily chores. They do not have any food specifications either and can thrive on any food that they get. Interestingly these intelligent creatures can read the minds  of its owners. Cats  wont pester you and try to grab your attention if you are not in a mood for it and the moment you are back to your relaxed self, you can see these cute pets running towards  you for a stroke or a pat at its back. These are excellent lap warmers and will keep your company throughout  your late night TV shows and will love to accompany you while you are tending your garden or washing your car! These can be trained easily and are fast learners and are ever ready to please you. Believe it or not, I  have a cat that can knock the door with the knocker and can fasten and unlock the latch!

Though there are still many takers for the exotic Arabian cats and Siamese breeds, the ordinary cats are indeed facing a bleak future. Ordinary cats are not welcome any more in city homes, which have endorsed pedigree dog breeds as their pets. However  there could be atleast a handful of feline fans out there who still cannot get enough of the feline  pranks and cute gimmicks.  One of the greatest  entertainers in animal kingdom, cats would sweep you over your feet in no time. Just give it a home and let the feline magic work on you!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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