The changing electioneering trends in Kerala

With the local body elections in Kerala only a few days away, the electioneering has reached its crescendo with the candidates in the fray leaving nothing to chance. Apart from making the  best use of colorful graffiti , interesting parodies and street corner meetings,the candidates are hitting upon many novel ideas like gate crashing to meet and greet the voters in person  to lure the electorate in the last lap of the electioneering! Though these are intended to outsmart their political rivals , many a time, such mindless acts create a few hiccups among the voters.

In a village in Aleppey, an independent candidate took things into his own hands when an elderly voter died in his ward. Apart from spending from his own pocket to meet the expenses of refreshments and arranging the seating arrangements, he even took pain to buy a coffin as a mark of respect to the departed soul. However he was embarrassed when he was told that the family has made all the arrangements for the funeral! Strange indeed are the ways and means of politicians who can turn even a grim incident like death into their favour!

In another incident in North Kerala,  a lady candidate and her gang of enthusiastic party members  gate crashed into a house where a betrothal ceremony was going on. As the simple function  was getting underway, the overzealous candidate whizzed past the groom and a small group of around 10-15 family members  , straight into the kitchen! When she found that the customary election promises and wide grins were proving ineffective in influencing the family , the candidate decided to give  a personal touch to her approach. Apart from showering praises on the culinary skills of the ladies of the house, she even took time off to taste the curries and the special dishes that were being prepared to cater to the groom’s party. If all these were not enough the  hosts were left red faced when the candidate and her sprightly gang announced that they are planning to have  their lunch with them. Shocked and unprepared, the hosts could do nothing to keep off these pesky politicians who wasted no time in  savouring the food that were meant for the groom’s party.

Caught unawares, the bride’s family had to indulge in an emergency damage control exercise  to make  sure that there is enough food to be served for the groom and his family members. As the candidate and her gang left the house after a sumptuous meal and a hearty ear to ear grin that the politicians are so very skillful, the hapless family members were running around to make sure that the groom’s party is served food in time and to leave a good impression among them!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. this happens only in election time!!such is kerala’s politics !!better avoid marriages during election time!!

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