Vizhinjam harbour- A trading port that dates back to AD 1

Most of us probably never knew that Vizhinjam harbour near Kollam has an ancient history that dates back to AD 1. The latest research studies have shown that the natural harbour of Vizhinjam would have been  a bustling trading port from as early as Ad1, around two thousand years  back!

The excavations carried out by a team of students and professors of Kerala University as part of a research study in the year 2006 unveiled some starling facts that were lying hidden. The team could find some vestiges of an ancient fort under water along with some archaeological pieces  like the ancient Roman pitcher of Amphora, which pointed towards the trading relations that the Romans had with the distant land of Kerala via the fabled Spice Route.

The researchers opine that most probably this port is likely to be the ancient port of Balita or Blinca ( featured in Putinger Tables). This amazing discovery would give the State of Kerala, a golden opportunity to request to be part of the prestigious  spice route programme envisaged by the UNESCO

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  1. Hope vizhinjam’s historic relevance can give some push for the viability to be the part of so called spice route programme.

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