The proverb  that taught us ‘eat while you eat, play while you play ‘  seems to have no takers these days. The  new generation youth  who finds 24 hours a day insufficient for all their chores, have mastered the art of multitasking to make the most of their time.

As  we race against increasing expectations and moving up target lines, we are forced to squeeze in as many tasks into our day.  There is simply no other way out as it is a do or die situation.  Thanks to the modern gadgets like android phones that keep the modern man well entertained and informed  all the time, multi tasking has become fairly easy these days. Now you can  check your mails, reply to the clients, enjoy your favorite songs, watch a movie and get on with your work – all with these tiny and super smart gadgets as you wheel around to your office to be in time!

Multitasking has  taken the tiny state of Kerala too by storm!  Even small kids  juggle too many tasks at the same time these days. Be it the  students who learn listening to the favorite songs in their ipod all the while munching grubs or the new generation moms who work from home  tend to their babies all the while pattering away on the keyboard and  keep an eye on the kitchen gadgets that are at work around her, multitasking seems to be the norm of life in Kerala today. How  good are you at doing multiple tasks at the same time? If you think you cannot juggle too many tasks, make sure you fine hone that skill as that is what is going to take you to professional excellence in the coming days! At least that is what the trends suggest 🙂

Is that the modern man has learned to utilize the brain power in a much more efficient way than  his forefathers or is it that the prevailing economic conditions force him to work well beyond his optimum speed? Either way, the fact is that life is moving at a much higher speed than it was  a decade back. In the process the older  generation  is increasingly being pushed into oblivion as they stand  isolated, bewildered and helpless amidst the break neck speed of life around.

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  1. Multi tasking sometimes gives the result. But the quality/perfection of product outcomes in multitasking becomes bit low(not in ever case).The above mentioned seems to be much related to modern day techniques used with the help of internet.Just think the multitasking done on a factory which the machinery functioning need to be utmost care and the person operating the same does some work which can so happen that a min delay in operation can harm the entire process.The positives in multitasking is that it can perform the activites together and can give a person enough time,which now a days no man is having 🙂 The topic gives an idea of how the modern day gadgets and technology is making man in performing his tasks compared to olden days. Interesting topic.

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