The unseen nightlife of Kochi

No matter whether you are here in Kochi on a weekend or any other day , the startling silence after dusk, will surely turn you off. Though Kochi is an IT hub and home to many prestigious business establishments including the international container terminal, the fact is that Kochi still prefers to sleep  early, even on weekends! Save for the buzzing transport bus stand and a handful of shops in its vicinity, the city will be fully cloaked in silence at night.

However, there is an unseen nightlife facade for this city, which most of us may not be even aware of! So, before you tag this city of Kochi as dull and mundane, just hop into a lounge bar on a weekend to get smitten  by the high voltage party milieu. The young and the trendy  crowd grooving to racy mixes and plunging into a whirlpool of fun and fiesta would make you feel that you are in a bustling metropolis.

Come weekends and these night owls throng a few city lounge bars with passion and  fervour. They waltz well into the wee hours and soak up the party fun at its best, topped off with fast music and the choicest cocktails. The lounge bar of  Dream Hotel, the  Ava Lounge is one such hot night spot. Flaunting a  loyal clientele that drop in to make the most of the peppy  DJ music and its glitzy ambiance, Ava remains open from 4 pm, though the music starts only at 10 pm. The eves in the city can have the fun of an exclusive ladies night on Thursdays. It caters to a mixed crowd of all possible types of party animals though a major chunk of its clientele is made up of business people and the deep pocketed NRIs.

So, if you want to  let your hair down and to have some great fun to the accompaniment of waltz, wine and music, then hit the roads that lead to these party  hubs. Though Kochi is still in its nascent stage as far as its  nightlife is concerned, this city would outsmart many other bigger metros like Bangalore or Delhi for being safe for women who wish to party alone. So, it is party time for all those in the XX genre; grab your dancing shoes and hit the tiles tonight! Kochi is calling you!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. Kochi is copying the Bangalore style. Thanks to the IT companies which has brought such a way of entertainment. But One should not forget that majority of Kochi still prefer not to be outside after 9’Oclock.

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