Getting caught between the hammer and the anvil!

The new generation is changing the conventional formulas of success including  a good night’s sleep and a wholesome meal that were thought to make people healthy and intelligent!  You would be surprised at the sheer multitude of  successful  professionals in the IT segment in Kerala who have perfectly adjusted  to the US  time zones. They not only  work all night and sleep only for a few hours a day, but they thrive on  fast food and make the most of their time line with the deft art of multitasking. However, studies have shown that less than 8 hrs of sleep time can reduce the lifespan of people and eating junk food could be the starting point of all maladies.

As far as multi tasking is concerned, studies have proved that  multitasking can bring down your  IQ by up to 10 points temporarily .  Information overload will make you burnt out and  less efficient and will hinder  the smooth thinking process. So the best thing is to concentrate just on one thing and set a tight dead line to finish it; this will not only enhance your  efficiency but also keeps you happy and away from mood swings- opines the scientists.

Though we like to believe that multitasking makes us more efficient, the truth  is that  when we switch between tasks, the pace and efficiency drops considerably. The highly fragmented working hours with many activities, meetings, and discussions will reduce the thinking capacity as we jump around quickly from one thought to another, which will compromise the coherent thinking in a way!

Above all, multitasking is addictive and that is the reason why you cannot control the  urge to check the smart phone when it vibrates, even when you are in the middle of something more important! The worst thing is that it  could influence your family members or peer groups also to behave the same way. The next generation gadgets have  doped this habit into its users. So, clear your heads where many tasks jostle for space and stay focused  to get the best results.

So, that is a tight spot that  leaves you with not many choices. Either challenge your limits in the hope of coming  up to the top in what you do  or go by the conventional formulas and enjoy a relaxed and happy life. The choice is yours!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. Really a nice piece of advice. It is always a must to have enough rest for mind and body. Hope to reduce multitaskings and concentrate on what ever we do with 100%.

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