April Fools’ Day is celebrated all around the world on April 1 with lots of fun, frolic, humour and pranks.It is a day when people can afford to sound silly and to indulge in tomfoolery. The day is all about enjoying good humored jokes and playing  hoaxes and games that tickle your funny bones and Kerala too  is celebrating the fun theme today at its best . People put on their thinking caps days in advance to come up with the most convincing joke they could ever think of:)  The person at the receiving end could be friends, family members, teachers and  neighbors- as long as the joke is bang on target the purpose of April fool is served.

However ,  it is sad to note that at times people tend to play cruel jokes and indulge in dangerous acts  in the name of the all fools day, which will spoil the fun and playful spirit of the day. The most common pranks are making false phone calls and faking holidays and deaths of film personalities and celebrities, which could leave at least some of us depressed and tense.

However, the present trend among the youth seems to set off a mental mayhem by moving their priced ipad, smart phones or even their car to a different space and to give them a few anxious moments. As the trends and tips of April fool celebrations undergo transformations, let us not forget the basic objective of this day of having  loads of  fun and rib tickling jokes that will make us laugh the rest of the year and ensure a happy time ahead!

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