Is Kochi tuskers turning into a white elephant

Soon on the trails of the euphoria and jubilation of the world cup win and the cricket frenzy that was brought live to millions of homes all over India, Kerala was struck by another spell of cricket fever in the form of the keenly contested IPL matches.   What more, the commercial capital of Kochi also got a team on its own in the form of Kochi tuskers with some of the popular players like Mahela Jayawardane ( captain) ,Brad Hodge, Brendon McCullum, Ravindra Jadeja and Parthiv Patel among others including the local celebrities like Sreesanth and Raiphi Gomez in its list .

Named after the state animal of Kerala,  the Asian Elephant,  Kochi Tuskers has indeed come back to the game with a bang by winning the last two matches against the hot  favorites Mumbai Indians and Chennai super Kings. The glitz and glamour of the tinsel world, the cheer leaders and a highly appreciative crowd have all gone in favour of the home team in a big way. However, the gallant march of the tuskers in Kerala is likely to be cut short if the latest reports are any indication.

The exorbitant  entertainment tax and the high ticket rates, which resulted in a low ticket sales have prompted the owners of the team, the Kochi Cricket Pvt Ltd( a consortium of six companies) to reconsider their option of keeping Kochi as one of their venues. The team management  has expressed its concerns to the  Corporation and the State govt, which they feel is not extending the much needed support for them.

So, if things will not change in their favour in the next few days, Kochi Tuskers might go ahead with its plan to request  the BCCI to move Kochi’s IPL matches out of Kerala the next season. If that happens that will be a rude shock to the countless hardcore cricket fans of Kerala, who have got a life time opportunity to watch some of their favorite cricket stars perform live right in front of them through the IPL matches. Hope the IPL dream of Kerala does not get smothered in the tangles of the red tape bureaucracy like many other projects in Kerala that met with an untimely end!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. It was a great team performance by Kochi Tuskers Kerala to beat the last years winner of the IPL on their so called home venue. The slight drizzles also played its part ,but in the end the Tuskers had their last laugh with a resounding win. In the midst of last two wins and happiness,the whole of kerala teams supporters are still keeping their fingers crossed,whether their so called team will remain here in the future!!! As the author said ,after investing 1500+ crores for getting a team in the name of Kochi,the ground seems never so easy for the owners from the day 1 onwards. At last they thought of playing games here in Kochi international stadium. The so called authorities on the other hand are only thinking of increasing their revenues rather than helping the team to grow. It is so sad that the ticket rates are so high that even the die hard fans are finding it very difficult to go and watch their team in action live. More over Kochi needs to improve its hospitalities and need to provide more and more world class accommodation facilities so as to make the event successful. Its will be seen whether the IPL will remain here in Kochi as home ground after, KCA’s so called stadium at Edakochi still in the hands of Environmental ministry. Unless our corporation(GCDA) does something serious so that Kochi Tuskers Kerala remains in Kerala for the years to come.

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