Be right on top of the world at Ramakalmedu

Welcome to the windswept corridor of nature at Ramakalmedu, the best place on earth to experience the mood changes of nature. Pamper yourselves with the soothing touch of the faint breeze at one moment and get ready to get swept off by the strong winds the next. Ramkalmedu is unpredictable and diverse, which makes it an intriguing holiday spot. One of the recently discovered hill stations of Kerala,  Ramakkalmedu is conveniently close to many  famous tourist attractions  such as Periyar Tiger Reserve of Thekkady, Munnar hill station, Kuttikanam and Parunthumpara and many more wild life attractions and spice gardens.

The gusty winds, which are the fastest recorded in Asia makes Ramakkalmedu a unique destination. The winds that sweep at a speed of about 25 km/hour, would pamper you with its refreshing touch. However, many a time you need to  scurry for cover from the winds when you  feel you are about to fly with the winds! The strong windy conditions make it  a  popular spot for paragliding. Located  at a height of 3500 feet above sea level, Ramakalmedu will make you feel right on top of the world literally.

Ramakalmedu is a spectacular  hill station, dotted with rolling valleys and grass lands interspersed with  bamboo forests and mighty mountains. The rocky cliffs with smooth and intriguing designs left by the strong winds give it a dramatic beauty. Located  15 km from Nedumkandom on the Munnar-Thekkady route, it offers  a panoramic view of  the villages and towns of the nearby state of Tamil Nadu. Ramaklmedu is the proposed site of the largest wind energy farm in Kerala for power generation.

The  Ramakkalmedu View point offers spectacular views of the Deccan Plateau. Tourists  can make a steep ascent to the 300 meter high rocky cliff to enjoy the stunning spectacles around. However during misty days, it could prove risky as it will be difficult to make out the cliff edge and  the risk of straying to  the deep trench is quite high.  The spectacular landscape, mountains and ravines make it ethereal. Some of the must see spots include the Kuravan and Kurathi mountains, natural cave formations,and biofarms among others. The scenic beauty of Ramakkalmedu has left its magical spell on scores of nature enthusiasts including the Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, who called it as a paradise on earth! So, in case you fancy to be on the top of the world,  just plan a trip to Ramakalmedu and heed to the call of the wind and the wild :)!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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