Apple-a-day scam: The story unfurls

What we heard was a snake coaxed Eve to eat an apple from the forbidden tree in the Eden, and with that started the woes for mankind.

Later it was said that an Apple-a-day keeps the doctor away. And now we have this new form of Apple, that simply managed to swindle millions from different people across Kerala and ironically that includes doctors too.

Well! We are talking about Apple-a-day properties- the new face of the biggest land scam in Kerala (Over Rs. 100 crores).  If we have to believe the early story of Adam and Eve, and that Apple was symbolic for immortality and tempted man to commit sin after sin, Apple-a-day, builders did just that- woo people from far across middle-east asking them to invest in proposed ‘Garden of Eden’ in God’s own Country. This company promised plush Villas and flats.  The modern Adams and Eves pumped in all their hard earned money for a life in Eden, were just waiting to see the day of light when they realize that this time the serpent was the Apple itself.

These are the pictures of the site in Thycattussery panchayath near Cherthala, Alappuzha district where they proposed flats for Rs.5 lacs plus a Tata Nano car for the occupants. All they did here was land piling to eye wash investors and left it for the stray dogs to defecate.

Please visit us for more interesting stories on how Apple-a-day converted marshy land to look perfect for construction and how they managed to coax investors to eat their Apple. The fact remains that these lands were never ever suitable for construction.

This being one of the most sensational news in Kerala the story has spread far and wide, even featuring in the Wall Street Journal. The victims of Apple-a-day property also have a Facebook page.

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. Its sad to see the photos of the site for “Apple-A-Day Nano” in such a state. The so called “Apple-Nano” was intended for common man, who could only afford to buy the flats/villas with such prices. The majority of flat/villas here in Kochi are being bought mainly by NRIs or those working in software firms as an investment. Most of the flats are now on occupied for rents. The so called “Nano” was aimed at common man at affordable prices. The photos of land shows how careless those ‘Apple a day’ people were playing with the money. Any way the whole incidents are an eye opener for common man, as he should be very careful and as far as possible to buy flats from reputed builders. On the other hand the rates of reputed builders being sky high. The common man can never even dream of staying in flats near marine drive, which is priced crores!! . Hope those lost their money by falling in to “Apple-A-Day-nano” trap would get back their money!!

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