Apple a day scam – The after shocks and the story ahead

Are the bogus realtors  in Kerala pushing up the land value beyond the reach of ordinary people?

Soon on the heels of Apple a day properties scam  that  siphoned off the hard earned money of the investors  and offered nothing in return,  a few other real estate companies  have also  joined this infamous league of builders. It goes without saying that considering the small size of Kerala and its land constrains, flats are the most  feasible  housing options to cater to the population of Kerala. However the flat boom has also let in many unscrupulous elements with no track record or good will into this industry .

Most of these fly by night operators who are only interested in amassing wealth do not care for the welfare of the investors. These massive land deals have pushed up the land prices of Kerala to unbelievable levels.The ground reality is that the ordinary mortals of this State find it difficult to buy even a small patch of land these days and dare not dream of a roof over their heads!

Let’s admit it-  Kerala is a land of real estate companies and land deals. Every other  person you meet on the road could be a realtor agent in some form or the other. From full time land deal brokering to part time activities, land deals pump money into many a kitty in Kerala. They could be an auto driver,a petty shop owner  or a vegetable vendor, however they’ll slip into the role of  a cheeky broker the moment he sniffs a prospective client in you and  pockets a handsome brokerage in every deal irrespective of his role in the deal!  Shady land deals and forest and water front encroachments  happen at an alarming pace and with no fool proof monitoring system  in place, Kerala is slipping into the tight grips of the land mafia.

These pictures say it all!! These patches of marshy land where one of the apartment complexes of apple a day property were to have come up would be better suited for stilt houses or a fish farm may be. It is high time that we  pulled the plugs to stop this menace. Make sure that you check the credentials of the builders and their track record before leaving your hard earned money at their desks. Rather than the lure for money and profits , let credibility be the deciding factor  while you pick up the builders because this is the only way you can put an end to this series of real estate scams rocking this tiny State , which is overburdened with more flats and apartments than it can possibly sustain!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. Rithun says:

    hello blogger i read your article about apple a day scam.. i was one of the suppliers that gave out cement to this construction project .. apple a day is one isolated incident if you would like to know more about the bullying faced by the vendors you can contact me 9744043210.. my name is rithun francis …or mail me at

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