Nano cars turn friends of Kerala lottery agents

The  much hyped ‘car for the masses’ Nano, which hit the market with an unbeatable sticker price of  just 1 lakh has failed to leave its mark among the masses as yet. However, Tata Nano has found a new set of  patrons in Kerala in the form of lottery agents in Kollam district. It is interesting to note that the  lottery agents in the district  have already rolled out a fleet of Nano cars over the last few months. The small size of Nano gives it a top edge in maneuvering through the narrow and busy streets of the Kollam city, which enables the agents to do brisk business by being at the right place at the right time.

Apart from its good mileage and affordable price tag, the fancy appearance of Nano has endeared it among the lottery dealers. The cute looks also attract curious onlookers apart from the fortune bill fans. Some lottery agents have as many as three cars in their fleet and are only happy to add more in future. Nano is taking up the place of the old favorite, Ambassador, which is being sidelined due to its low fuel efficiency.  Even if the soaring petrol prices are taken into account, buying a Nano works cheaper than hiring a shop in the city, where rented commercial spaces cost a fortune and are hard to find.

The lottery sales have plummeted to an all time low following  restrictions on other state lotteries and number of draws of Kerala lottery.  This has prompted the agents to look for cheaper options in selling lotteries and Nano has truly served this purpose. At present there are over 18 Nanos plying in the city of Kollam alone and as more lottery agents are planning to add Nanos to their fleet to ensure better market penetration and faster access to the niche zones, the future of Nano appears  bright at least in this segment.

Sholto Ramsay

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