Keralites love elephants and revere more than any the greatest of all elephants nicknamed Tuskers. Well, it looks like Kerala will have to do without its IPL franchise the Kochi Tuskers after their contract was rescinded after the promoters had failed to pay their revenue share to the central board; a fact I might add that is strongly contested by the Gujarati promoters who claim that it is they who are actually owed money. New BCCI chairman Srinivasan looks an extremely unsafe pair of hands all round. He has also decided to promote Sourav Ganguly to the chairmanship of the Technical committee and announced the fact even though he has not contacted him yet. Let’s just hope that Ganguly does not reject the offer which, knowing Ganguly, is perfectly possible.

Meantime Kochiites won’t be shedding many tears over the rescinding of the Tuskers contract as the promoters had already tried to move the franchise to Gujarat and showed little interest in Kerala. If anything Kerala will be experiencing some schadenfreude.  In fact, Indians are increasingly turned off by IPL especially since the demise of the Indian cricket team in England this summer. What started off as harmless and exciting fun has turned into a circus of corruption and the flaunting of wealth and is now being blamed for the summer whitewash. The Tuskers franchise was originally bought for 1550 crores – an astonishing sum in this still mainly poor country and these sums combined with heightened awareness of the country’s problems with widespread corruption are beginning to worry Indians. And then there is the 54 days of solid cricket: few are looking forward to so much cricket without break.

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