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Are you on the look out for a quiet weekend break,  away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet not very far from the city? If YES, then , the  Matsyafed Milkyway aqua-tourism centre at Malippuram would be a perfect choice. It offers the double fun of a working fish farm along with an eco-tourism experience. True to its name, Milkyway is elusive and secluded that would offer an out of the world experience!

Located at  Malippuram in Vypin the Milkyway is about 12 kilometres from the High Court Junction in Ernakulam, and is easily accessible through the  Goshree Bridge. No matter whether you are here for a spell of adventure or some quiet moments in the company of your friends and family, Milky way will be an ideal spot. The unexplored charm of the  environment and the spectacular natural beauty would leave a soothing effect. Though this farm was opened to the public around 1 year back, it has not become popular yet largely due to lack of publicity and facilities for the tourists.

As it falls under the Coastal Regulation Zone, there are serious limitations in making concrete buildings or structures. So you cannot expect any modern amenities here. However, if you are on the quest of  a serene getaway option, then not many places can match the charm of this aqua tourism spot. Options are all yours while you are on this post card pretty tourist spot. Laze in the hammocks  and enjoy the unhurried charm of the canoes and the fishermen going about their daily business, savour the fresh fish delicacies at the windswept restaurants or set out on a pedal boat to enjoy the sights and sounds of this  farm up close.

A perfect day time picnic spot, this aqua tourism spot will be good choice for anglers. You can try your mettle with the fishing rods, which are available on rent. Check out the restaurants that offer a lip smacking menu of fish and seafood delicacies, cooked in traditional Kerala style by professional women chef. Here, you can even get the fish that you caught, cooked the way that you want it! No trip to Malipuram will be complete without a stopover for the  brilliant sunset spectacle at the unspoilt  Chappa Beach.  Read more on the interesting tourist attractions nearby in this blog, The vypin light house. Try out this brilliant holiday option and you will be tempted to make a comeback soon!  If you fancy a virtual tour around this beautiful tourist spot, click here!

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