Afghanistan turns the hottest job destination for Keralites

The bleak images of the war torn country of Afghanistan where bomb blasts, air strikes and trails of destruction have become part of every day life wont make it the best place to look for a job for anyone for sure! However for the cheeky Malayalis, it has become the hottest job destination after the Middle East boom. There is a classic joke that even if someone lands in the moon, he will find a Malayali tea shop owner there! Many a time, it is  not just a figment of imagination but  hard truth as the overzealous labour force of Kerala are more than willing to take chances for a better future.

The hefty pay packets and the massive reconstruction activities in Afghanistan are tempting the employees from the distant land of Kerala to try out their luck here. Many international companies have already set up businesses there, which has opened up numerous openings for the semi skilled labour force comprising of   electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, masons and carpenters among others. While the US companies prefer cheap labour from Kerala, the labourers too find the deals better than the packages offered in the Middle East.

Iraq is the other war-torn country, which has seen a large scale arrival of Kerala labourers thanks to one of the best salary packages on offer. Now that there is a change of guard at Libya where  Colonel Gaddafi who had ruled Libya with an iron hand for many decades has been replaced, a total revamp of infrastructure and developmental activities are expected there.

It is estimated that over 50 lakh Keralites work outside India, of which Saudi Arabia alone employs over 20 lakh Malayalis. An accurate data of Malayalees working in Iraq and Afghanistan is not available as they are often hired from the Middle East, often flouting emigration rules and keeping the Indian Embassy at dark. Instances where  labourers are  duped by bogus recruiting agencies too are not uncommon,as there is not much awareness  of the recruitment process to these countries. However , none of these incidents  seem to dampen the spirit of the Malayalees who are more than willing to take a risk to get the biggest pie of the employment opportunities. Has the lure of material pleasure made us so gullible that a few wads of currencies can prompt us to take up any job at any corner of the world?

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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  1. This post made me remind of one of my friend ,who is an electrical engineer, went for a job there in Afghanistan a year or two back. Really from his experience ,working with US military base was something like an adventure. He said when he goes out he could see lots of military personal in arms and all! He said he could hear the bombing sounds also. Now that he has moved from there. Glad to note that conditions are improving far better these days and people are showing interests to go and work there where once was a place no one dare even to think of visiting!!

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