Bhoothathankettu to be declared as the first adventure tourism site in Kochi

Bhoothathankettu dam site will be soon developed into the first adventure tourism spot in Ernakulam  district. Plans are afoot to develop it into a perfect outdoor tourist destination with an aim to attract the youth for camping experiences and adventure sports. According to the district tourism promotion council, the project will be targetting techies mostly for conduct training camps. Night camping options and trekking trails will be developed as part of this adventure tourism initiative.

The project will also include a day trip starting at the Marine Drive, which  would enable the tourists to experience various popular adventure sporting activities  like trekking and kayaking.  Located just  eight kms north-east of Kothamangalam,Bhoothathankettu is a perfect choice for a quiet and tranquil holiday, however many people prefer to skip this spot due to its  poor infrastructure and lack of  transportation facilities. There are many leisure activities in  Bhoothathankettu including jungle trails , boat rides, rock climbing and fishing . The initiative to make it a base camp for adventure sporting activities would surely give it its well desired place in the tourism map of Kerala. Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of the unexplored destination of Boothathankettu through these well captured snap shots  in  Sreesobhin’s gallery and we bet, it will become your favorite weekend hang out spot in Cochin 🙂 .

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  1. Hope government improve the facilities there soon.Still seems to be in the state of under developed !!Since this has come in to main stream news and posts,the authorities open their eyes and do the needful to make this one of best places for adventure tourism here in Kochi !!

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