After  petrol, diesel and CNG autorickshaws, it is the turn of the Chinese electric autos to hit  Kerala roads for  the first time. The Chinese Romai Electric Vehicles based in Shanghai, China  has test driven tricycles that are well suited  for Kerala roads. The launch of products in Cochin, the maiden market for this range of products is expected to be within two months. As electric bicycles are already available in Kerala, the company plans to concentrate on the tri cycle segment according to the International Trade Department official of the Romai Electric Vehicle.

The biggest attraction of the  electric tricycles will be its low price tag at the range of Rs. 40,000 to Rs.50,000. The electric tricycle  gives a mileage of  80 km  once charged and the tricycles are available in 60 volt–1000  watts  for carrying  passengers. The tricycles can be altered with roof to be operated like auto rickshaws. The company has plans to launch vehicles of 200 watts and more in the state. The necessary spare parts  will also be made available for the customers.

Auto rickshaw, fondly called  tuk tuk, is not only a rage among tourists but also among the local travelers as a handy and cheap travel option over short distances. A handy transportation for daily errands, autos are way cheaper than taxis and a great option to navigate through the narrow and crowded streets of Cochin. So, for all those in Kerala  who are accustomed to the noisy and polluting vehicles of conventional autos, these sleeks and silent vehicles will be a  pleasant change for sure!

We think that they should choose the e-rickshaws in Delhi which are really neat – see example here

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