World’s first integrated solar power tile launched in Kerala

Kerala has become the launch pad of  the world’s first integrated solar power storage tile, made using super capacitor. An innovative team of Amrita Centre for Nanosciences is behind this path breaking invention that is likely to  hit the market in a couple of years. Named ‘Amrita Smart‘, this product was launched a fortnight ago at the International Conference, NANOSOLAR 2012, organised by the Amrita Centre for Nanosciences at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi.

The product developed by a team of 40 researchers headed by Shanti Nair and Vinod Gopal, is a combo of a  solar cell and a battery that can be used to power devices even at night. Amrita smart  uses special electronic techniques to integrate the solar cell with the storage device. It can be used to charge mobile phone or lap tops without depending on the expensive  battery systems. When exposed to sunlight for just 4 hours, this device will be able to store power for over a week.

Weighing only 200 gms, this handy device will be a convenient option in places reeling under power cuts  and for those who travel  a lot. The development of the solar storage tile is feted as a milestone in nano solar aided research and in the field of renewable energy sector.

Sholto Ramsay

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2 Responses

  1. hari says:

    what will be the cost

  2. vikas says:

    Great but i recommend do market it hard in western countries bcoz u gonna have a lot of potential buyers n patent d technology if possible coz u may find some1 infringing it soon!!

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