The UNESCO lists 20 Western Ghats heritage destinations in Kerala

The UNESCO has listed a total of 39 heritage spots all along the Western Ghats, of which Kerala takes credit to as many as 20 UNESCO heritage destinations, making Kerala an important eco sensitive destination. The decision to include the Western Ghats among the world heritage sites was taken in the World heritage meeting that was held on Jul 1st in St Petersburg.

Some of the destinations featured in this important heritage list include the forests  that are spread along Chinnar, Thekkady, Chinnar, Eravikulam,  Silent Valley, Attapadi, Pulmedu, Manavan chola, Pushpagiri  and Kaalikavu. The report underscores the preservation of these eco sensitive spots.

Not many of us know that the Western Ghats that extends over 1600 Km is more ancient and bio diverse than the Himalayas. It is home to 5000 types of rare plants and over 140 mammals, 16 of which are seen only in this part in the whole world including the lion tailed macaques and the Nilgiri Tahr. Of the 179 types of reptiles seen here, 138 varieties are exclusive to the Western Ghats. There is a diverse avian population too in this region, many of which are facing the danger of extinction. Pollution, commercial activities , mining and deforestation are some of the reasons for the degradation of these  fragile eco zones.

The heritage enlistment of the Western Ghats, will help in preventing the mining activities , which are now rampant in many places within the Western Ghats  in Goa and Karnataka.  It is our duty to protect these ancient natural wonders as we have only borrowed it from our forefathers to hand it over the  future generations. Let us do our bit for the safe keep of these pristine spots , which are god given gifts for  Kerala, the God’s own country’, which will go a long way in boosting the tourism potential too.

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