Thirumala Devaswom at Cherthala gets a massive temple bell

Temple bells play an important role in adding up to the spiritual feel in temples and they have been in use since time immemorial. Adding a new dimension to the legacy of temple bells and to create an awareness on the  auspiciousness of bells, Srimath Muttom Thirumala Devaswom at Cherthala in Kerala  has installed a massive bell that weighs 1100 kg and is 4.8 ft long and 5 ft high, making it one of the biggest temple bells in the whole of South India. The bell was installed in connection with the  renovation of the gajamandapm of the temple and the ongoing 250th anniversary celebrations of the temple.

This giant bell in bronze was crafted by  R Rajendran, a traditional artist from Naamakal in Tamil Nadu. It took 4 months time to complete the bell, which costs about 10 lakh. The bell was brought to the temple in a truck to be installed in this temple dedicated to Lord  Venkatachalapathy. The echoing sound of the new bell which can be heard till a long distance will surely enhance the divine milieu of this temple, which has over  2000 worshipers. This giant temple bell is sure to become a testimony of the traditional temple architecture styles of India for the future generations.  Srimath Muttom Thirumala Devaswom temple in Cherthala is owned by the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins. The Cochin Thirumala temple also has a huge bronze bellwhich is 4 ft in diameter and 6 ft in height holds the rare distinction of being the second largest in Asia!

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