P T Usha to make a comeback as coach in London Olympics

P T Usha, popularly known as the Payyoli Express has not run out of steam  even after 32 years since her maiden  Olympics sojourn  at Moscow in 1980, on July 25. It is praiseworthy indeed that this Indian sprint queen is making a comeback in London Olympics in the role of a coach after  clocking many milestones in athletics. While the  mega sports events like Olympics remain a distant dream for many Indian sports persons, the achievement of P T Usha deserves special mention. From being a shy girl from Payyoli village in Kerala   who made her debut in athletics at the age of 16, Usha has indeed come a long way to become one of the most celebrated names in Indian athletics. Her sheer grit and perseverance  has always influenced the budding sports persons in the country.

It will be a proud moment for India when Usha will be making her  debut as coach in the London  Olympics on August 8th when her protege Tintu Luka will  be competing in the 800 m event. Making a nostalgic second comeback at the age of 48, Usha will have a  lot to be proud of  at this achievement. After an illustrious sports career , Usha continues to be actively involved in sporting activities by setting up a sports school to train the aspiring athletes who do not get  enough opportunities to showcase their talents. By handing over  her baton to  a well groomed line up of proteges like Tintu Luka, Usha has become a role  model,  striving to keep up the sports credentials of this great nation.

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