Water conservation efforts through Facebook

Facebook has  changed the way we live and think and  this buzzing social medium has been used effectively for creating awareness on many issues plaguing the society. Now the  Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU) of  the Department of Water Resources in Kerala  has decided to make use of Facebook  in making Kerala a water-friendly society.

A  Facebook page ‘Hai Jalam’ has been opened to  the public, which will highlight the importance of water conservation. A water droplet on a leaf with the message ‘We should know the significance of water’ forms the cover picture of the profile of this page. Apart from providing water saving tips to the public, it will also share information on  rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge models. There is also a blog section in the page.  This page is expected to enhance  people’s initiatives in water conservation efforts and hopes to create a society that respects water to make  sure that every person has access to clean potable water in the days ahead.

Within just two days of its launch, 98 people have already become friends with ‘Hai Jalam and  the CCDU team is hoping that  at least one lakh people will  join.   The prime target of this FB page is school students, where they can discuss  water conservation ideas and share tips.  CCDU also has launched an ambitious scheme to set up Jalashree’ clubs in schools across the state over the next three years to make sure that the future generation is aware of the importance of the conservation  of water bodies to sustain all forms of life on planet earth.

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