Kochi to be a women friendly city

Chinese_netsCochin corporation, has  come up with various plans  to ensure the safety of women in the city. The project named ‘Sabala’, will include various proposals to make the city  women friendly. This time bound project is expected to go a long way in  solving most of the problems faced by women. This is for the first time that a Corporation has come up with a separate budget outlay for the welfare of women.

Some of the projects include :-

  •  Extending free medical care  for families with only female members. The education expenses of children of such families will also be fully covered in these schemes.
  • A modern lodging facility for women will be set up in the city to ensure safe stay for those women travelers  who reach the City for various purposes. Apart from an all women staff team, the lodge will also have various other facilities like  online reservations, taxi and other services.
  • Kudumbashree Women only Buses run by  Metro Cochin Transport Corporation (MCTC) is  another novel venture envisaged in the project. The buses will have an all women crew.
  • To arrest instances of child abuse, a team of three counselors will be set up in each school who will try to protect  the students from  the modern vices like internet scams and exploitation of students through mobile phones and social network.

Once this project is fully implemented, the business capital of Keralawill have an envious repute of being a women friendly City in all aspects.

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