Vamika – A backwater resort in the lap of nature

vamikaEver wished to explore the dramatic unexplored charm of Kerala as in the past , when it was free from the footprints of mass tourism trails?  If yes, take  a look at these lagoon resorts  that appear to have been left out of the time machine! Welcome to Vamika Island, in Vettila thuruth near Eramalloor in Alappuzha. The brain child of the German architect Valus Shoozner, who spent a substantial part of his life time in Kerala, this island resort in now owned by the Reheja group based in Mumbai.

The backwaters meanders slowly along these lagoons that sit pretty in the open vastness of over 7.5 acres of lush green landscape. What awaits you here is the serenity of a  hermitage. There are holiday homes of various types in this lagoon. From the ancient homesteads, which have been carefully assembled from traditional Kerala homes  that had to be demolished to the contemporary and modern, there is a range of accommodation options.

You will feel at home literally in these homes that ensure the ultimate privacy and quiet accommodation option. A private swimming pool, a boat ride along the backwaters and an exquisite dining experience onboard are some of the other attractions. There is also a museum that features interesting displays like holy ash containers and the highly ornate’ kavadis’ that are used for temple festivals.

There are five individual houses, Hainoon, Orange, Stone house, wooden house and Casurina apart from a museum in Vamika right now. Hainoon has been reconstructed from a 200 year old Kerala homestead . This two room tiled house with granary and the traditional pooja room, constructed in the traditional Naalukettu style with an open air courtyard will make  a delightful option to enjoy nature and its subtle mood swings.

While wooden house, Stone house and Cassarina exudes the classic charm of traditional architecture, Orange stands out for its contemporary and vibrant theme. The island is lush green with trees and plants that are unique to Kerala. Smoking and drinking is prohibited in these backwater resorts.

The houses will have a combined occupancy of just 24. The guests reach the resort by boat and they will be taken care by a personal butler who will be at their service always.  You can decide the type of food and the place of dining. From a romantic backwater dinner to an alfresco dining in the garden, the choices are all yours. You can learn cooking too. Traditional Kerala style food with generous portion of fish and vegetables are served. There is a range of outdoor activities too. From fishing to ayurveda spa, boat cruise,badminton  and yoga, there is something for everyone here. So if  solitude is the theme of your Kerala holidays, Vamika will be a good option for sure!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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