Smartphone apps- the latest fad in Kerala

kerala-smart-phone-300x199Kerala has one of the highest mobile phone users in the country and interestingly most of the users go for all the latest smart phone apps to make their life fun, simple and well organized. From the mPayasam app that will let you book Onam payasam and get it delivered at your door by just a few clicks on your smartphones, to the one  that almost functions like a second brain, the innovative apps developed by Malayaless are grabbing the headlines in the digital world.

Keralahas a large pool of student entrepreneurs who seem to have no dearth of creative ideas when it comes to designing smart phone apps. The start up villages that are set up for providing a platform for entrepreneurs have paved the way for a tremendous response in this field. The strong tech community, which is active in social networking sites like Twitter has played a big role in making  the state having one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the country.

The app ‘Friday’ can tell you all the details of photos taken the previous week or the number of calls made on low battery. Here is another app that might be of use to you if you tend to be an absent minded professor in your life!  It will automatically register all your activities using GPS and other smart phone sensors and come up with the information that you seek in a flash. It is as good as your second brain as per the team behind this innovative discovery.

MindHelix Technologies based in Kochi has won the coveted Nasscom awards for their innovative apps including the  women’s safety app ‘Sentinel’ and the handy ‘tuk-tuk meter’, which can calculate taxi fares from anywhere in the country. Most of the apps are not just fanciful ideas of these gifted techies but these  socially relevant apps also are designed to make your life simple and hassle free. For instance  the country’s first free traffic app ‘Blockout Traffic’ developed by AmidRay Technologies based in Kochi, will make your driving experience a lot more pleasant and memorable on the choked roads of Kochi.

Interestingly, though Kerala has indeed many developers for a range of apps , not many users seem to know that the brains behind these smart applications are their counterparts. May be a bit more publicity will help not just to make these user friendly apps a bit more popular among the users but also give the due credit for the creators of these novel inventions.

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Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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