Rutting elephants are a menace to the mankind, especially in Kerala during temple festivals. It takes time to control such elephants. Some times it takes hours as the skilled vetinarian has to come often from distant place and meanwhile the elephant might have caused immense lose to the properties and lives.

Henry of Kottarakkara in Kollam district has invented a solution for instant control of rutted elephants. He has developed an equipment. A syringe filled by intoxication medicine can be fitted on a leg and when the elephant turns rut the mahout can intoxicagte the jumbo by pressing a remote control. The medicine in the loaded syringe will pass to the leg when remote is pressed and soon after the elephant becomes non-violent.

Only a sum of rupees ten thousand cost him to develop the equipment and if it is produced in more numbers the cost will come down to rupees seven thousand, he says.

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  1. I don’t feel comfortable with this thing in the hands of mahouts. Honestly l just don’t trust them to be responsible with such a device.

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