A Malayali student develops a free smart phone app that can detect cancer

Forget about the painstakingly slow and expensive cancer detection techniques like biopsy and scan. All you need to do is to turn on this smart phone app that can tell you whether you are at risk or not! It could  indeed be too good to be true for anyone who might have gone through the cumbersome cancer detection procedures.

Sanjay Sreekumar, aged just 19, from Kochi, Kerala has designed a  smart phone App to detect breast cancer. A software student in Australia, he has named it  YapApp. The YapApp explains in English the  step by step procedure for self-detection of breast cancer.  There are two versions of this app for male and females respectively as  breast cancer is found in men also.It can be down loaded for free on Android and iPhone devices and will be made  available on BlackbBerry phones soon.

If you suspect a  growth or patch, all you need to do is to press a panic button, which will show a list of nearby hospitals in your town. In addition, the  app will give monthly reminders for self-examination. It is indeed a matter of great pride for every Malayalee that this futuristic App was launched at a prestigious function attended by ambassadors of 14 countries and many other distinguished figures in the Australian Parliament House recently.

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