Kerala Doctor develops Anti-Cancer Drug

Dr E P Krishna Menon, oncologist and cancer research scientist in the US , originally hailing from the temple town of Ambalapuzha in Alappuzha district  of Kerala  has developed a drug called ‘Kevitrin’, which is under clinical trial at present. This drug acts by  ensuring the equilibrium of the P3 gene, which causes cancer.

P53, the tumour suppressor gene,will have to be normal in a healthy  human body. However If a person inherits only one functional copy of the p53 gene from  parents, he is likely to be affected by cancer  in early adulthood itself. Dr Menon said that  Kevtrin can prevent mutations in p53 so that it can cut down the risks of cancer apart from preventing the chances of  tumour formation.

This is not Dr. Menon’s  maiden achievement as he has to his credit as many as nine anti-cancer drugs including  Alimta and Jevtana, which he had developed so far. A PhD holder in Pharmacology from Harward University, Dr Menon had worked as anti-cancer drug researcher in US based Bayer and Ely-Lilly.

Dr. Menon also owns two pharma-research companies  Cellceutics and Kardinc Ltd, based in the US. It is a matter of pride for every Indian in general and Keralite  in particular that this enterprising doctor,  has won many coveted awards including  Kerala Kala Kendram global excellence award winner for his pioneering research and contributions in the field of cancer therapy.

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