BBC travel survey rates Kerala as the top favourite tourist spot among foreign travelers

beachA survey conducted by BBC World News has rated Kerala as the most popular  tourist spot among foreign travellers. The survey included 1000 people from around the world  who have visited India and  never visited India.  The survey focused on four factors including travel habits of international travelers, tourism attractions and facilities and the things that prevent them from visiting.

Kerala was rated as the most popular tourists destination in the country by the international travellers who cited the beaches, ayurveda resorts and spas as the major attractions.

Tamil Nadu was pitched at a close second position among the South Indian states with 34 percent of the tourists who have visited  Indiainstantly recalling the state. Good road connectivity and the ancient temple architecture and culture in the well preserved testimonial like Madurai Meenakshi temple were cited as its major attractions.

Karnataka is at slot three with 31 per cent of travelers who have visited India recalling its value.

In the fourth position stands Kolkata, which is known to most foreign travelers as the home of Mother Teresa and Rabindranath Tagore. The survey rated  West Bengal in the first position among the Eastern Indian states. 20% of visitors who have visited India instantly recalled West Bengal with travelers from the US and the UK being the most aware about this state. Interestingly 19% of the travelers who have never visited India also knew about West Bengal.

beach1Though it might sound a bit paradoxical,  Gujarat which ranks high as an investment destination, is yet to emerge as a popular tourist destination among international travelers. Some of the factors that were thought to contribute to its low popularity include liquour ban as per the survey. The state has also not fully popularized its credentials as the home town of Gandhiji. Only one percent of the respondents had instant recall about Gujarat.
Though Gujarat has good infrastructure and transport facilities, it has to do more to promote destinations such as the Rann of Kuttch, Gir Forest and Gandhi Ashram, said a statement.

beach3The travel survey reveals that North Indian states in general have a negative attitude towards foreign tourists. While Uttar Pradesh was rated the least popular because of the negative

attitude of local populace towards foreign tourists, low medical facilities, safety, security and hygiene. Madhya Pradeshand Bihar too ranked low among foreign tourists for the low safety records for travelers especially women tourists.

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