Butterfly park in Kerala chosen by Japanese research centre for studies

butterflyThe Butterfly Park in Thumburmuzhi near Chalakudy river in Kerala has been selected by National Institute of Agro-biological Sciences, a premier research institute in Japan to conduct a detailed research on the butterfly species in India. Located at the foothills of the Western Ghats, this butterfly park has over 180 different species of butterflies.

The study will focus on the behavioural pattern of butterflies, host plants, food habits, and swallowtail butterflies. Spread over 10 acres near the fabled  Athirapilly waterfall, this butterfly park has been a huge hit among butterfly enthusiasts from far and wide. The spectacular sight of the lush green rain forests on either side of the garden makes it a feast to the eyes of the visitors.

The Japanese researchers have offered technical guidance to increase the butterfly population in the park by planting special host plants. The Thumbormuzhi butterfly park is home to a few endangered species of butterflies like  Papilio Buddha and Moonlight butterfly, along with a range of colourful winged insects.

Selecting the Thumburmuzhi butterfly garden by the Japanese team is a matter of pride as this will attract attention  from butterfly enthusiasts and research institutes from all over the world.

As a draft notification declaring 60,000 sq km, or 37%, of the the Western Ghats as ecologically sensitive area (ESA) is about to be issued shortly, initiatives like these   assume greater significance.

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