‘Paribhashika’- A comprehensive English-to-Malayalam translation software

malayalamIn an innovative promotional scheme to popularise Malayalam, The State Institute of Languages is all set to launch a slew of new technologies, including an English-to-Malayalam translator ‘Paribhashika’.

M R Thampan, director of the institute, said that as part of its efforts to popularise  Malayalam the new initiatives would be launched on November 1, the state formation day, by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. “They include a spelling and grammar checking system, new Malayalam fonts and a complete translation system,”

The software ‘Paribhashika’, developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a pattern directed, rulebased English-to-Malayalam machine-aided translation (MAT) system. It  is heartening  to note that this software is the first of its kind for Malayalam  where the  AnglaBharati MAT engine has been customised for a Dravidian language. The institute is also planning to extend its language software in mobiles as well.

This software can be used for all possible types of translation as it has text and file input facilities apart from post editing options. Typically translation of a chapter from English to Malayalam takes three months by conventional methods whereas Paribhashika can wrap up the work within just a month. This innovative software will encourage the  Malayalam writers to translate their works and will help in popularising  Malayalam, the official language of Kerala among kids.

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