‘She Taxi’ for women passengers sets off in Kerala

she taxi 1In a novel initiative supported by the State Government, taxi services for women run by women passengers are about to hit the roads of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala .

‘She Taxi’  a 24×7 taxi service operated by women will be a boon for women who are travelling alone at night or returning from work at odd hours. Apart from ensuring a safe trip, she taxi will also drive home the concept of gender equality in the society. She taxi also has a celebrity tag to flaunt as the famous actress Manju Warrier will be the  Goodwill Ambassador of this service.

K.M. Abraham, additional chief secretary, Department of Social Justice, said She Taxi will open up huge opportunities to women. “Driving has been a male-dominated area in our country, in the service sector and otherwise. This will not only bring in more women into this sector but also eventually bring about a sea change in our traffic culture as a whole,” he added.

Women have always been  rated as safe and responsible drivers compared to their male counterparts. If more women take to the roads and get involved in the public transportation services it will also bring down the traffic violations to some extent. A business model for the ‘She Taxi’ developed by The Gender Park, projects a steady monthly income for the women entrepreneurs. The income will be supplemented  by the revenue generated by carrying  the  ads on the sides of the cars and streaming ads in car LCD systems among others.

Muthoot FinCorp has expressed its interest to put their advertisements on the sides of the  first five She Taxis as part of its  Corporate Social Responsibility drive.  ‘She Taxi’ will be available 24 x 7 and women travelling alone or in group can book it via mobile phones or online. There is also a  toll free number, which connects you to the  customer care centre. The cabs will have an electronic payment system , which makes it possible for the travelers to pay using cash or credit or debit cards.

The multiple security features in the taxi will ensure absolute safety for both the driver and the passengers. The taxis will  be monitored in real time using GPS. In addition there are emergency alert systems inside the cars for the benefit of passengers or driver. A safety alert app will also be set up on the mobile phones of the women drivers. Rain Concert Technologies based in Technopark will manage the fleet and install safety equipment, says Special Officer P.T. Mohammed Sunish. Based on an Expression of Interest floated a few months ago, Maruti was chosen as the vehicle manufacturer.

She taxi is a welcome move to ensure safe travel for women in Kerala considering the exponential rise in the harassment cases again women and children all over the country.

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