Pitcher Plants = A Mosquito-Free Cochin?

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant

Dream of a Mosquito-free Cochin! Will there be a time? Perhaps, the Pitcher plant- ‘the meat eating plant’ can free Kochi from Mosquitoes to some extent. Only thing is that every house in the district should grow this plant.

Nothing excites more awe and suspense than seeing a Pitcher Plant with your own eyes. With its deeply folded leaves, the cup-shaped plant stores up a sweet-smelling juice which lures an unsuspecting insect into its mouth. And when it is about to sip…an unfortunate thing happens. Unable to climb back, this fallen insect flails helplessly in the fluid until it loses energy and submits to the overpowering force of its fate. Much like the animals, the pitcher plant “eats” the insects.

Insects trapped inside Pitcher Plant

Insects trapped inside Pitcher Plant

The secret lies in the juice. It contains chemicals (that are similar to those found in the stomach) that could slowly munch and swallow the skin of its prey until it dissolves completely—becoming the very juice that it once tried to drink. The larger pitchers could even trap small frog, snakes and birds inside. Even though they are deadly traps for mosquitoes, they can never gulp down a person!

Some Facts about Pitcher Plant!

It is the most mysterious leaf in the whole wide universe. The pitcher plant comes in different shapes and sizes. The meat eating plant in the sense, it eats small insects like mosquitoes and other flies of the kind. It belongs to the two large families of monocots—the Nepenthaceae (Old World) and Sarraceniaceae (New World).

The pitchers under the Old World clan live high above a tree and resorts to find alternative source of nutrients because of the lack of other resources. It folds the ends of its leaves like a cup and concocts nectar juices and waits daintily for its helpless victims. Meanwhile, the New World family stays on ground and enjoys more insects. These plants actually form a whole pitcher out of its leaf.


Everyone can try growing this mosquito-eating plant and free the mosquito- rich Kochi.  Let’s see if there will be any change with this unique idea.

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