Kerala has made another leap towards promoting tourism. This time, the promotion is through traditional Kerala Cuisines and Kerala style cooking. The state has launched an international competition called ‘The Great Kerala Food Championship’ towards this goal.  The contest is aimed at promoting the uniqueness of Kerala cuisine and to invite an international experience.

Kerala Food
Kerala Food

Those who are interested to participate have to submit an online write-up in English on your favourite Kerala dish or any story directly related to your experience with Kerala food. The write-up can also include your favourite Kerala recipes and the reason behind why you like it. The article should be submitted to the website of Kerala Tourism through the contest page using the login id and password received at the time of registration.

To submit the free entries one has log onto . Anyone who is aged above 18 can join the contest which will close on March 15. Although it is encouraged to send one entry per participant, he or she can send more than one (maximum 5) from the same login.

The entries made should be in English and must contain words between 200 and 600. The winners will have attractive prizes like 2 nights to 3 night stay at a Kerala hotel for two people in the months between May-August and airfare to Kerala from any point within the country to collect the prize. Other prizes include T-shirts for 300 randomly selected participants and as many as 100 consolation prizes in the form of household articles.

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