Kerala election campaigns
Kerala election campaign

Kerala is setting a trend with special tour packages and offers during this hot election campaign period. Some of the Kerala tour operators have come up with special packages offering a close view of the elections to foreigners, who are not familiar with the noisy electioneering in the state. The foreigners get the opportunity to closely watch the door-to-door campaign, political rallies, banners and hoardings that mark elections throughout the country.

The election is more vibrant in Kerala because of the active and often frantic involvement of people in the political campaigns. The election packages help tourists mix sightseeing with election campaign process. Tourists may also get to interact with candidates and leaders of the various political parties.

During the election campaign period, tourists prefer more of the backwater packages as it allows them to have a close look at electioneering from the comforts of houseboats. Candidates aboard boats around backwaters with loudspeakers are a unique sight for domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Poll tourism was introduced in Kerala for the first time in 2004, when a group of Dutch tourists touring Aleppey, the Venice of East, during the then general election expressed delight over the colourful campaign carried out both on land and water.

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  1. Kerala is the single state where domestic tourism, as well as foreigner tourist, want to take a view of Kerala election campaign with
    very closed eyes, this time Pinarayi Vijayan (CPI) becomes the chief minister after getting a win on the Oommen Chandy (Congress). In that previous election campaign, there was very up & downs moments had to see. but finally Marxist got the right to hold the power of Kerala.
    Kerala is also famous with their attractive scenario.
    There were beaches with heavy sea waves, clean weather, and charming surrounding. This place is a mixture of chirping of birds, hill stations, and many more amusement things. Nature lover loves this place as well as election lover.

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