Kochi City to have a Visa Office by France

visaKochiites who dream of a visit to France or to study there can be happy with the French Ambassador, Francois Richier’s announcement to begin a visa office in the city, this year. The visa office will be followed by a French Campus Office in Kochi. This is expected to help students who want to do higher studies in France and also faculty from institutes of higher education in both the countries to interact with each other.

France has expressed its readiness to fund towards Kochi eco-friendly projects that help curb the pollution problems in the city. The French government previously has granted a soft loan towards the Kochi metro project which will help in improving the city life.

The French Ambassador Richier has also expressed his government’s interest in investing into Kerala’s agriculture, tourism and other sectors. He said that it is the responsibility of Kerala government to identify financially viable, eco-friendly projects that they can fund. He added, Kerala’s move away from private participation discourages foreign firms in investing here.

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  1. sholto says:

    No doubt the last country to do this will be the UK!

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