Kerala Seaplane Operations to Commence after General Elections!

Kerala Seaplane

Kerala Seaplanes

The Kerala seaplanes which faced opposition from the local fishermen community may restart its operations once the Lok Sabha elections are over. The panel that handles the seaplanes project is yet to finalise the report as it may affect the fishing activity of the local fishermen in the area.

The seaplanes operations are expected to begin by the end of April or in May once the committee finalise the report. At present, three operators are ready to operate flights in Kerala and preparations are in full swing. The seaplane project plan is to connect places of tourist importance where air connectivity is not available.

The fishermen who raised concerns of losing their livelihood are firm on their stand. This community is also backed by various trade unions. The upcoming general elections discourage the unions taking any softer side towards this issue. The unions eye upon the fishermen community as their potential vote bank during the election. Some political parties are also trying to gather strength pointing out the seaplane issue in the coastal areas where large communities of fishermen live together.

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