Flickr User of the Month – Anoop Negi

Tiger Tiger, Fading Bright !Any casual browse of the flickr streams and groups on Kerala will quickly fasten on sets of beautiful images from an Indian photographer called Anoop Negi. Although you will find him wandering all over India with camera in hand (see his blog for lots of examples) and capturing all the arcana, whimsy and beauty of the continent and its people, his frequent forays around Kerala provide the best canvas for his skills and outstanding eye.

Start with a browse of his Kerala tagged images to get a sense of his style and strong eye for composition – Kerala tagged stream in Flickr.

My favourite images are always the ones that feel like they are captured of the moment more than the landscapes. It feels as though he can capture composition and moment in an instant which is a true attribute of the good photographer. In that sense he is at his best as the Cartier Bresson style of photographer. Kerala’s beauty draws many photographers to the landscapes and light. Anoop captures the connection between the people of Kerala and that enviroment.

Go browse and enjoy!

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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