Kerala Politics is never calm

Another day and another hartal after a series of increasingly violent incidents between different party members across state which culminated in a murder in Kannur. The outcome has been a widespread hartal across the state with a large number of reported incidents in different regions and cities.

Even visitors have been embroiled in the mayhem with tourist busses pelted with stones and all four wheel vehicles staying off the streets. If you have to catch a flight in the middle of the day: good luck finding someone brave enough to drive you.

Kerala politics follows a pattern where each government lasts for one period before being replaced by the voters with the opposite parties. You can say one thing about Kerala – democracy is vibrant and passionate. Since the Left government took over in May, there have been a number of murders and feelings are running high in an unusually ferocious way. It seems to reflect politics globally with the USA in the middle of nasty presidential election and the UK fighting the Brexit campaign.

Sholto Ramsay

Boss, motivator and general eccentric with a deep love of Kerala and India who just wants everyone to enjoy an amazing and life enhancing experience of Kerala.

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