Money! That’s what I want!

The Potential Impact of Demonetisation on India The Indian Government’s bold plan to stamp out black money and supposedly terrorist sources of finance is by the standards of the normally slow bureaucracy an absolutely radical step. In many other countries, it might have only a modest impact. But, in India’s cash economy where everything is […]

Kerala Politics is never calm

Another day and another hartal after a series of increasingly violent incidents between different party members across state which culminated in a murder in Kannur. The outcome has been a widespread hartal across the state with a large number of reported incidents in different regions and cities. Even visitors have been embroiled in the mayhem […]

The Best of Kerala Fiction Books

Our list of books about Kerala or set in Kerala that capture the essence of the state. We have our own “haiku” like short stories that we publish from our own mystical small village somewhere in Thrissur which you can read here – Tales from a Small Kerala Village. Below is a small set which […]

World Photography Day – Kerala Photographers

It’s world photography day (19th August) and so I thought a round up of the best Kerala photographers would be an interesting exercise for me. Anoop Negri familiar to Tumblr users and flickr where his careful combination of composition and dramatic light pays tribute to Kerala’s beauty. Salim Pushpanath most famous for his touristic […]

I want my own Tuk-Tuk!

I have always dreamt of driving around the South of England with my very own TukTuk which would be fully customised for the purpose. Whenever I travel around, I look longingly at any tuk tuks that have been customised or are in an especially nice condition. Sadly, most public tuktuks are a boring black and […]

Elephant Torture Exposed in Kerala

An expose in the British newspaper the Daily Mail (more widely known for its right-wing attitude towards just about anything) which is one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK has published a dramatic and heart-rending journalistic piece on the way elephants are treated in Kerala. Whilst some Carolines may complain that this […]

Dealing with Waste in Kerala

The waste in the urban streets of India is becoming more and more of an issue. Walk into any house in Kerala and ask about rubbish and waste on the streets and you will start a passionate debate about individual failing, municipal corruption and a general sense that the fast-growing mounds of rubbish are a […]

World Elephant Day: Elephants in Kerala

Today is world elephant day and there are few places elephants are loved as much as Kerala where it is the state animal. There are two types of elephants in Kerala – wild and “domesticated” usually as temple elephants. According to a recent census Kerala has about 7000 wild elephants (and as many as 100 […]

1000km Protest in Kerala

There is something wonderful about politics in Kerala: witness the 1000 km protest organised by the Communist Party of India – Marxist who persuaded 2 million Kerala activists to create a 1000 km protest against the federal government in Delhi. They are complaining that the government has broken its promises and is doing nothing for […]

Saving the Forest, One Woman at a time

At a time when dog lovers are accusing Kerala of culling or at least threatening to cull the state’s stray dogs, it’s nice to know that for some of Kerala’s inhabitants, looking after the environment takes precedence even over their own welfare. Since 2002 a group of women living in villages on the edges of […]