The Sholto effect!!

rain photo by sooraj

You’d have heard of the Raman effect. But from us at Karmakerala, here’s something new, the ‘Sholto Effect’!! Scene 1-Yesterday eveningIt’s a pleasant evening; we’re all having a group chat on Skype, all of us at Karmakerala and as I prepare to leave office, Sholto’s chat takes a new turn. Well, rather than explaining what […]

What’s so ‘big’ about this little candy?

Naranga Mittai

What’s so ‘big’ about this little candy? Well, the ‘little thing’ in question is ‘Naranga Mittai‘, a small, bean-shaped candy, with an orange-like flavour and other flavours and coming in different colours- mostly yellow, red, orange etc. Small, yes. But this little thing could work wonders. Karmakerala office today witnessed one such phenomenon. Sooraj bought […]

‘Tsunami’ at Karma Kerala!

It was an afternoon of ‘Tsunami’ for us at Karma Kerala yesterday… The time is 2.20 and we are working, most of us glued to our seats and computer screens. I have my headsets on and at the same time am part of a group chat on Skype, with our Scottish boss Mark Scott getting […]

Kochi Airport to have Visa-on-Arrival facility

The Kochi International Airport is going to be one of the four airports in India that would have the Visa-on-Arrival facility working in a year’s time. The decision to extend the Visa-on-Arrival facility, provided to tourists from some countries, like Japan, Singapore, Finland, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines etc, to four airports has […]

Battle begins: Thin vs Fat!!! (Part II)

Antony’s Dilemma, mine too…. Mark Antony was not supposed to speak praising Caesar, he was supposed to praise Cassius and his company of conspirators (Brutus too!). But Antony knew what was what and he could not but speak up for Caesar. He could not but condemn the acts of Brutus and Cassius. Real dilemma indeed!

Diwali at Karmakerala


We at Karmakerala had a nice time bursting crackers and lighting sparklers etc as part of Diwali, the festival of lights…would prefer not to waste words, let pictures tell it all…

To Moustache or not to Moustache, that’s the question

The ‘No to Moustache’ version (TEAM A AT KARMAKERALA) Curiosity! To know, do girls like guys with or without moustache? Sholto decided to have a quick survey in the office to find out what they have in mind. Majority of the girls liked clean shaved guys like me so he wanted me to know what […]

The lost world of visa rejection…

It was some years back that an actor from Kerala, M.R.Gopakumar, was chosen to play a key role in Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Lost World’. But the actor, who had proved his calibre with Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s ‘Vidheyan‘ couldn’t make it and join Spielberg’s unit in Los Angeles as the American Consulate in Chennai denied him a […]

A counter to Sholto’s post…

Sholto’s post made me think… Are we in Kerala really supporting Anna Hazare and his movement? Well, I am confused… Is it really the popular kind of support that is generated elsewhere in India that we see happening in Kerala too? Cynic that I am I feel it’s not so. Here it all seems to […]