Five-fold victory for Malayalee in World Dwarf Games

Jobby Mathew, hailing from a nondescript village of Pala in Kottayam district brought laurels to India and his home state of Kerala when he romped  home with 5 gold medals from the World Dwarf Games meet held in US.  A  debutant in the World Dwarf Games., this gifted sports person had bagged gold medals in five […]

Pedalling their way to a green future

Bicycles, which were once the only means of transport were shoved aside with the advent of motorised locomotives like cars and bikes. However in an interesting reversal of trends, a growing line up of young and keen cyclists is emerging in Kerala, predominantly among the techies. They prefer to not just pedal their way to […]

The Yakshagana Puppets are here

Who doesn’t like puppetry? The magical art form where the finely cut paper figurines create an intriguing shadow play  as the adept hands of the puppeteer pulls the strings. In some cases wooden puppets are used to enact scenes. Now an innovative puppeteer from Kasargod, K V Ramesh  and his troupe have adapted a human […]

Kayaking, the stress busting fun activity gets popular in Kerala

There are countless ways to beat stress; you can curl up with your favourite book, plan a holiday to a beach resort or hit the bars. However, for something truly interesting and new, check out this fledgling outdoor activity of kayaking in the backwaters of Kochi. Yes, you heard it right the unexplored activity of […]

Cinema tourism proving to be a hit in Kerala

Malayalam movie makers often choose overseas locales and foreign actors in the plot to retain the interest of the discerning audience. There have been many local language movies that feature foreigners as props. For the foreign backpackers who choose to act in these films, it is not just easy money but also a rare chance […]

Cricket lovers cheer for the Kerala Premium League

It is cricket all the way !After the Indian Premium League and the Celebrity Cricket League, it is the turn of Kerala Premium League (KPL) to cater to the  die hard cricket fans. Based in Dubai , KPL too has its fair share of glitter of the tinsel world. The presence of celebrities like movie […]

Thin girls Vs full figured damsels (part lI)

Here you have another version from my male colleagues who prefer slim belles-  Here is what I have for lean women- a compilation of responses from them.  So why slim is always in: Angelina Jolie, Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty or for that matter take any leading film star today- and there is one […]

Bhoothathankettu to be declared as the first adventure tourism site in Kochi

Bhoothathankettu dam site will be soon developed into the first adventure tourism spot in Ernakulam  district. Plans are afoot to develop it into a perfect outdoor tourist destination with an aim to attract the youth for camping experiences and adventure sports. According to the district tourism promotion council, the project will be targetting techies mostly […]

Welcome to the Milkyway aqua tourism centre

Are you on the look out for a quiet weekend break,  away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet not very far from the city? If YES, then , the  Matsyafed Milkyway aqua-tourism centre at Malippuram would be a perfect choice. It offers the double fun of a working fish farm along with […]

The shout out at Karma Kerala!

A shouting competition- In all probability, you might not have heard anything like this before in Kerala!! The brain child of  Sholto, our boss from the UK, who wanted to try it out as a small experiment to find out why Kerala ladies almost always talk in muffled tones, this interesting shout out competition was […]