Thalanagara Thoppi – a famed tradition on the brink of extinction

Not long ago, the sleepy village of  Thalangara in Kasargod, Kerala had been synonymous with the making of the famous  Thalangara Thoppies, the beautiful embroidered skull caps. There was a time when literally every household had atleast a few expert hands in making these intricately crafted caps. But today, there is just one person in […]

Pedalling their way to a green future

Bicycles, which were once the only means of transport were shoved aside with the advent of motorised locomotives like cars and bikes. However in an interesting reversal of trends, a growing line up of young and keen cyclists is emerging in Kerala, predominantly among the techies. They prefer to not just pedal their way to […]

Kerala plans to be at par with Scandinavia in lifestyle by 2030

Kerala has set the living standards of the distant Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finlnd as its paradigm of development over the next 17 years. Kerala has decided to let go the standards set by Asian Tigers, which have  long been benchmarked by developed states like Gujarat for its dubious human development indices. […]

Looking trim with a Tummy Tuck

A flat tummy was considered as a sign of penury and starvation by the old fashioned, but not any more! If tummy tucks, the latest fad doing the rounds is any indication, the day is not far off when the fashion conscious youth wouldn’t mind shelling out a fortune to get a perfect tummy line. […]

Kochi gets ready for all-Kerala Children’s Biennale.

As the Kochi-Muziris Biennale continues to hit the headlines , Kerala  gets ready to host an all-Kerala Children’s Biennale, which is though to become equally popular than its bigger and popular counterpart. The organisers of Biennale have decided to display the prize winning works of the children’s works that are adjudged the best at a […]

Kochi film festival to rope in a German curator

Come December 16th, Kochi the emerging financial capital of Kerala will be hosting the much acclaimed International Film Festival at five different venues  in the city. The first edition of this film festival will stand out for many reasons. Apart from featuring a panorama of world class films from all over the world, the organisers have roped […]

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale starts tomorrow

The Kochi Muziris Biennale,  the first-of-its-kind in India, will have  a colorful start  at the Parade Grounds at Fort Kochi in Keralaon Wednesday. The cultural extravaganza that extends to over three months will feature 80 artists from all over the world. Kerala will be represented by 22 artists and there will be an equal number […]

Avadhoothashram – a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts

This is the sad story of an  ashram in Kollam, in South Kerala which is striving to continue its humanitarian services against all odds. Almost cut off from the society for the past many years, this ashram is a treasure trove of many priceless manuscripts and ayurvedic medications. The ashram is looking for  Tamil scholars […]

Kerala to get a Malayalam varsity on November 1

November 1st , which is celebrated as Kerala day will offer something special for every Keralite to cherish in the form of a Malayalam varsity.  This  decision which was taken at a  high-level meeting attended by various senior officials and ministers has gone down well with the general public. The Malayalam university (english version of the website) will […]

Athachamayam brings alive the nostalgic memories of the past

The historic town of Thripunithura that still bears the imprints of the royal grandeur, erupted in a riot of colors on Tuesday  during the Atham processions. Thousands thronged the  streets to bring alive the nostalgic memories of the rich past. Various folk art forms , processions and street shows marked the beginning of the week-long […]